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Gatsby for Fun

July 29, 2019

I’m not great at markdown, but a fun way to practice has been putting together these blog posts.

What’s the deal with Gatsby? Why talk about it more?

Gatsby has been a buzz around the web development community for a little while now and it isn’t hard to see why after you take a look. It is fast to develop in, you can hook it up to just about anything (or nothing), and it can generate sites small enough that you can often host them for next to nothing. This site is a flat and static site at the end of the day. Blog posts are powered by MarkDown files that are built into pages with graphQL. It is really neat. No database, no storage, and a very fast site.

While I’m more used to the complicated and powerful world of content management systems, it is really freeing to just be able put together a site without the overhead of the big CMS. That being said, if I wanted to have a bit more going on with a site, I could certainly hook Gatsby up to a Drupal or a WordPress and get a lot more while still having a very lightweight and fast site.

There are already many articles out there that cover this topic very well, so I’m not going to attempt to compete with them. I’m going to use it for personal projects for now and probably will get to use it in professional life as well. It is fun to build with and so I’m going to build with it. I liked React already, so this feels like a nice option to do something with React that isn’t as bare from the start.

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